Where to hire your board !

From surfing to surfing, or being a regular or even a professional in this discipline, we always know that the choice of surfboard is crucial. It all depends on this equipment. It's a bit like buying your shoes and finding the pair with which you feel most at ease. It is better then to consider several parameters before choosing a particular board whether it is equipment purchased or rented.

Building on experience

When looking for a surfboard rental biarritz, one must first determine on its level in surfing. There are four levels in general: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Professional. Of course, these terms are subjective but one can always rely on one's knowledge, one's own experiences and one's exploits.

The first level categorizes all people who have never touched a surfboard. They can not even stand on the board. The second level classifies people who have already had experiences but who are not yet very used to the handling of the board. The third level groups together people who are already able to face big waves. The last category brings together those who already have the capacity to compete. There are boards adapted to each of these levels.

Choose the board according to body size

It is also important to consider its size when choosing its board. The heavier the equipment, the more special techniques are needed to control it. It is better to choose one that adapts to its body mass.

Whatever the shape of the board, the moment it is stable, it must do the trick especially if one is a beginner.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, voluminous boards are always recommended for beginners. They are more sedentary. Longboards adapt better to intermediate people and shortboards to those that are already advanced.

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