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Several stages connect boat owners with seagoing fanatics. In this new sector, the French are ahead. Samboat, or its French competitor, Boaterfly, is now offering a fairly wide range, from powerful outboards to old rigs, to barge rentals, sailing or not, in the Paris region. To rent a boat, there are some steps to follow: the preparation of the boat, the organizational checks, the inventory and the handling. The day of your visit, our team will make every effort to make your trip at sea the most pleasant.

The network of boat rentals is the site of private boat charter with insurance comprised. A landlord can remunerate the expenses of his boat peacefully and a renter can rent a boat, everywhere in France, for a lot cheaper!

The classic renter

The first link in the chain, he has his own boats or those of the owners who trust him and to whom he pays a portion of his incomes. Market leaders with between 50 and more than 300 boats, small structures of a few units or skipper receiving you on their own boat, you make your choice. But note that this solution requires a minimum of familiarity of the nautical environment to direct you to the owner who owns the boat matching to your needs.

The nautical travel agency

She has no boat, but will put you in touch with the hirers who best meet your expectations. She is even able to advise you and guide you if you are not yet sure what you are looking for.

The new intermediaries

They are the young stars of the boat rental. Basically based on the web, these advanced platforms offer an innovative kind of e-booking listing many offers of renters in exchange for a commission. Among them are the rental platforms between individuals. Samboat is the best website here you choose reasonably for a boat rentals with intermediaries.

Rental between private individuals: what is it?

Boat rentals between individuals, it is simply a boat owner whose rental is not the job, which uses a devoted platform to post its rental offer allowing other individuals to rent the boat according to his conditions.

This new offer is aimed at both experienced sailors, holders of a deep-sea license, able to move a sport boat and read a marine chart, as complete beginners. In the latter case, the owners often propose to act as skipper or to sail with a professional.

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