How to plan your diving holiday in Thailand

Thailand is a popular holiday destination. The breathtaking scenery, its gastronomy that has nothing to envy French gastronomy, its many Buddhist temples ... are as many jewels as overflows this country. But, its seabed is also an idyllic place for scuba diving. Plan now your next holidays.

Scuba diving: exploring the Thai seas

Bathed in a tropical climate, Thailand is a great destination for holidays. We can only be amazed by the lush forests of this country, these white sandy beaches, its jungle-covered hills and the many islands that make it up. It is not only its tourist destinations as the beach resort of Pattaya.

If there is an activity next to which people often spend, it's probably scuba diving thailand. Indeed, this country is equipped with diving spots which are unique and extraordinary. Its many archipelagos offer a unique ecosystem where you can discover species of fish in outrageously magnificent colors. Its warm and sometimes shallow waters are perfect for beginners and amateur divers. These are some of the most beautiful diving spots in the world.

What are the places to dive in Thailand?

Thailand is an ideal area for scuba diving both for beginners and experienced divers. Diving spots are found throughout the country. But, the recommended places for scuba diving are undoubtedly the Andaman Sea, the Phi Phi Islands, the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Lanta, Khao Lak or even Pattaya.

Nevertheless, among these spots, those of the Andaman Sea are among the most popular, with places like Richelieu Rock or the Similan Islands. Diving enthusiasts and beginners alike will enjoy the spots of the Golf of Thailand, especially the Koh Tao spot. This club specializes in learning scuba diving. Even experienced divers come to spend their class and become professionals. Thailand is a country that will give you taste for scuba diving so its spots are amazing. It’s the place to be for your holidays if you are scuba diving lover.

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