Finding the right boat hire for your vacation away

Renting may be a good way to match boat types and models before deciding which boat to shop for. Boat rentals are available a spread of forms, from hourly and daily rentals to weeks-long charters.

Fractional Boating Membership and Ownership Programs

Fractional Boating Membership and Ownership programs pairs several “members” on one boat with an Owner and professionally manage the whole process from stem to stern. The fractional company typically provides brand-new well-appointed boats and takes care of most of the work (such as fuelling, pump-out, maintenance, insurance, etc.) which allows members to specialise in learning the ropes and enjoying the boating lifestyle. Members pre-schedule use of the boat hire online and should get the additional advantage of flotillas and extra crew if needed. If you’re considering a "bareboat" charter, especially in saltwater, where you're the captain, you want to meet basic standards the businesses set for experience and competence on the dimensions and sort of boat you want to charter.

Rental operations might not offer a good range of boat models, but they will provide a variety of boat types for you to undertake. Rental fleets tend toward basic models, nevertheless, they will offer you and your family a sample of the boating fun expecting you on the water, and that they are an excellent thanks to get your feet wet.

Which sailing area is suited to you and your crew?

As someone who is trying to find an Independent Yacht Charter, there's a good range of Yacht Charter bases across the Mediterranean, it all depends on what you’re looking to urge out of your holiday. If leisurely sailing in Greek waters interests you, we propose chartering a yacht within the Saronic Islands. Alternatively, if you’re a keen sailor the Dodecanese offers stronger breezes between the islands. we've many availabilities within the Greek Islands, take a glance in the least of our options here. Perhaps you've sailed in Greece one too many times?

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