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Marineland is the most attractive park in France were people come and spend most of their time with their family and friends were your guide will meet you at the agreed location and take you on a tour of the best children's destinations on the Côte d'Azur. During this "beach day" they will take you to water parks and recreational zoos which will take 7 hours. As this is a private tour, we will be happy to tailor it to your individual expectations.

What to expect when you arrive at Marineland

  • All attractions in one for all family members - Marineland is the largest marine zoological park in Europe that can accommodate some 4,000 different species of animals. In the big pools, you'll see shows of killer whales, dolphins or sea lions. In the 98-foot tunnel, you can visit the spectacular tiger sharks exhibition.
  • In the largest water park of the Riviera, the Aqua Splash has huge pools with waves, slides, space ship and pirates, all available at the same time. For the little ones, there is something special called Little Farm of the Wild West. It's something that takes you to the American Mississippi River with its boats, cars, pony rodeos and so much more.
  • Then we will go to Monaco to visit the majestic temple of the sea - Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. Breathtaking views both inside and outside the building and the largest collection in the marine world. Interactive visits and unforgettable impressions of submarine. And of course the yellow submarine, the real.
  • If you're a big fan of flora and fauna, there's another way to spend the day with your kids. Park Phoenix - Large domed structure on a 17-acre lot within Nice's borders with more than 1,500 species of plants from around the world. In this giant tropical greenhouse, you'll also encounter hundreds of colorful parrots and other tropical birds living in seven different climate zones. Do not be surprised to see carnivorous plants and butterflies.

Price and booking

In Marineland there is different type of prices, which varies according to the age limit of children ranging from 3 to 13 years. For the adult, booking can be done online as from 19, 90€or through ticket office as from 39,00€ while that of the child can be done at 15,90€ online and 32,00€ on ticket office you can clic here for more information on booking and price available.

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